Learn More About Your Self and Health with your Ayurvedic Mind-Body Type

Ayurveda is an intricate, time-tested and ancient science of life. One of the most fundamental principles of Ayurveda is how we are microcosms of the universe and embody all the 5 Great Elements of Nature. These 5 elements; Fire, Air, Space, Earth, and Water exist within us in different amounts, ratios and harmonies.

The three Ayurvedic Doshas, known as Vata, Pitta, and Kapha arise from these 5 elements and express their unique qualities and nature in every part of our mental and physical being. Vata is made up of Air and Space, Pitta is made up of Fire & Water, and Kapha is made up of Earth & Water.

The unique combination of how these three Doshas show up and flow within you provides so much understanding and awareness about your health and well-being. Knowing your Ayurvedic Mind-Body Type (or Dosha Type) is the closest it gets to having your own personal and individualized "manual" for wellness, balance and longevity.

Your dosha quiz is a powerful and beautiful invitation into a world of exploration, discovery and deepest understanding of your health. Now, although your Ayurvedic Mind-Body type reveals and represents your two dominant doshas (or three if you are tridoshic and express all three doshas equally), it is not designed to box you in. No invidual human being can be put into one category of anything. Your Dosha Type is simply a guide and tool to better and more deeply help you understand how things affect you in life, body, and mind so that you can make the most informed and aligned choices in elevating and improving your health and quality of life.

When taking the quiz, please choose only one option for each question and base your answers on what feels most aligned, what has been the case for you the majority of your life, and not based on recent changes or imbalances.

After taking your quiz, you will receive a PDF in the email you provided that includes your results as well as a brief breakdown of what your doshas mean and what possible imbalances can arise based on your type. The more you understand your Ayurvedic Mind-Body type, the better equipped you are to elevate your health and life.

Enjoy the Veda (knowledge) and Exploration!

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